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Could You Survive Without Money? is an interesting article.

I remember there was a programme about a guy who decided to live without money — he did a variety of jobs for barter, though. I didn’t watch it, my Mum did, so I can’t even tell you its name.

Could I survive without money? No. I know I cannot. I do not have to pay rent, because the family owns the flats we live in (even though the bigger one has been remortgaged for eternity not long ago). There are utility bills, and utility bills are huge. The worst is electricity, especially during summer months. Winter is hungry for natural gas, always.

Could I eat without money? There isn’t such a thing as food stamps or any other kind of support offered for the poor — and am I poor? I say I am. I struggle to find money for food. I have to save up for long periods of time to replace an item of clothing. The most recent example would be my trousers. The right leg tore not long ago because of the daily wear. They’ve been patched up, twice; I’m not sure they can survive another tear. At least not on the right leg.

But I digress.

We have some land. We could use it to plant things. The harvest won’t be enough to feed the five of us, and seven felines, for a year, but it will be of great help, nonetheless.

I am constantly torn apart between wanting the glamourous life of stardom, travel, 5-star (at least) hotels, and other maseratis — and wanting a simple life where I could garden, write, make merry in the small company of family, friends, and felines, and be … if not entirely independent, then definitely less dependent on capitalism, money, and everything else.

My reality, though, remains unchanged for now. Today I went over my postcard budget, so tomorrow I’m going to cut food and other vital expenses.


Written by Alexandra

5 August 2009 at 4:58 pm

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