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I experienced the sheer awesomeness of this a couple of hours ago. It really is quite exciting. I have no idea what happened to people today, but suddenly it felt like every single resident of this city (except for me and a couple of other absolutely wonderful people) acquired a car and decided to flaunt it in its full glory. You know, with honking, screaming, and stupid fumes. In traffic.

It felt really nice, leaving cars blocks, blocks, endless blocks behind me. Woo.

Anyway, I signed up for a cardio class, and I start on Tuesday. I’m so deliriously happy about this, it’s ridiculous.

Also, I had a terrifying incident today, involving a small boy, balloons, and a lift. Thing is, elevators scare me. They terrify me. This is really idiotic and quite shallow, but one of the worst experiences of my life was riding in an old elevator to the 11th floor, alone. God. I don’t even know why I did it. Perhaps I had thought that after facing my fear, I’d be able to overcome it — well I was wrong. I only took the stairs since then.

Today’s lift was new, quiet, and had glass doors. I wouldn’t have used it still, but I had no idea where the stairs were (what’s up with those architects anyway?), and I needed to get to the fourth floor. And the little boy, who was throwing balloons in and out of the cabin, wasn’t scared of lifts. So he threw one set of balloons in, and then the other, and I saw him reaching for balloons, and I was scared that he wouldn’t make it in time, and hurt himself, so I snag the balloons and give them to him. No, he says, he wants the other set, but the one that I’m holding, he wants them in the cabin. So I grab the other set and hand it to him, through the doors, just as the doors begin to close. On his wrists — or mine. I chose mine.

I even managed to chat to him after the doors opened and we finally settled on which set of balloons he wanted to keep. I even smiled at him through the glass door as I rode up in the elevator. I waved.

And then I think I scared some of the staff with my face expression.

The gym lady showed me to the stairs, bless her.


Written by Alexandra

1 October 2009 at 2:39 pm

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