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I crave chocolate.

I’m not even a chocoholic.

If it were coffee I was craving, I’d understand that, because I have one hell of a caffeine addiction. I’ve been drinking less and less of it as of late, no more than one portion a day, gulping gallons of substitues (chicory, anyone? tea? as in, three-bags-in-one-cup sort of tea?) to try to compensate — and I have to tell you. Every time there’s a coffee commercial on tv, or every time somebody has the audacity to drink, make, buy , say coffee in front of me — I have to leave the premise, and do it fast.

I’m not really exaggerating.

But chocolate? I used to be a bit crazy for it, I think we all go through this phase, but now I’m .. calm.

Well, not now. The only reason I’m writing this is to distract myself from this stupid craving. I’d’ve thought I was PMSing or pregnant, if I didn’t know better.


There’s a non-stop shop mere two blocks away, I’m thinking of making a quick dash for it.


Here, have a Liza Minnelli instead.


Written by Alexandra

26 October 2009 at 2:43 pm

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