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When LJ stops emailing comments to me, I get all paranoid, thinking that maybe I woke up during the night and in some sort of a somnambulist stupour totally conversed with you. Because after I reply to a comment, I label and archive it. So if it’s not in my inbox, then it’s already been done. So I get paranoid and check all folders that could allude me to it.

I should go out more? Maybe.

… If you did have a convo with a somnambula me, then I didn’t mean it. Any of it. I mean, I talk in my sleep about potato deliveries from Armenia (trufax), so there’s a high chance I could type that in my sleep.

This (the labeling x archiving x confusion) reminds me of something. I vented at Wiband about this earlier.

I have a calendar on my wall, right in front of me. First thing I do after I sit down at my desk is move the marker on the calendar from yesterday to today. It’s automatic & autopilot, sort of like reaching for toothpaste or making coffee. In my mind, it confirms the date, makes me explicitly know that today, for example is 08/12/09, Tuesday.

Well my Brother recently found out about this quirk. So now he sneaks into my room as I sleep, and changes the marker either to the day before or to today, before I wake up. So I spent half of yesterday thinking it was today.

Now I just need to make sure he doesn’t find out that if he switches places of toothpaste and, say, foot scrub, then I will brush my teeth with foot scrub.


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8 December 2009 at 12:13 am

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