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In 1992 Time/Warner published Sex, a book by Madonna. According to Vanity Fair, this megacorp printed 750,000 copies, the largest number by far of any first printing, and distributed them worldwide. Three-quarters of a million tons of aluminum were used to produce the covers, none of it recycled. Five colors and five different paper stocks were used, none of them recycled. Each copy came in its own disposable Mylar wrapper. Of the twenty thousand photographs taken of Madonna for the book, only a few hundred were used. Individually wrapped audio cassettes, CDs, and music videos were released concurrently. From an absolute waste standpoint, this book made Madonna the first celebrity in history to generate as much garbage and toxic effluent as a small town.
— from How to Live Green, Cheap, and Happy: Save Money! Save the Planet!

It’s fascinating, although in a scary way, if you think about it.  Also, sweet Jesus mother of God,twenty thousand photographs.


Written by Alexandra

13 December 2009 at 12:16 am

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