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It’s been snowing here for three days now, temp is -10C, and is getting lower as we speak. (As I type? Hah.) Promising -23 on a Sunday now, that’s gonna be fun.

Anyway, so yes, it’s been snowing, and I couldn’t go outside and frolic in the snow because I’m sick. But this morning, as I was heading to bed, I was staring out the window, with my back to the entrance door to my room. I heard some commotion behind me, everyone else already awake. I heard Brother pass by and enter Mother’s room. Heard him shuffle about in the balcony, complaining how bloody cold it was. Then I heard him push the doorknob on my door.

In hindsight, I knew something was not right. Brother & I prefer not to see each other in the morning.

Brother: Hey.
Yukino: *turns around* Oh, hel-
Brother: *THROWS A HUMONGOUS SNOWBALL AT YUKINO, hits square in the nose*
Yukino: -AUGH!!!
Brother: HEHEHEHE. *runs away*

My dignity. Eet ees ruined.


Written by Alexandra

17 December 2009 at 12:22 am

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