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This is journal #6 of 2009.

I usually have a bunch of ridiculous little rules I set for myself, one of them being, “never use repurposed notebooks for day-to-day journal.”  I broke that silly self-imposed rule with this one.  I broke the hell out of it, actually, as it’s been repurposed two or three times before it even got the chance of becoming my daily journal.

Incidentally it turned out being one of my favourite journals of all time.  Of all time.

Could be because this is the first A4-ish journal I’ve ever finished.  Before I completed this one, I had this exaggerated fear of large notebooks.  Not very big on commitment, I am.

It didn’t document anything important or beautiful — none of my journals do.  They’re all page after page of blather about my agonising life.  An occasional bad doodle, as you can see below.  Lots of glue-ins, as you can see even further below.  😛

I wrote these pages down in my planner, and then photocopied them to glue in here.  Never actually got around to the gluing part.  They’re just haphazardly inserted between pages.

I bought this notebook back in 2007, when I was visiting the USA.  I just went to CVS (well, doh) and realised, as one does, that I absolutely have to buy a notebook.  So I did.

I first used it to write a couple of letters to my parents, which I never sent.  Then I used it for some organisational moments for a project I was working on.  That never came to fruition.  Then I used it for German notes at uni.  I dropped out soon after.

And here it is, as a daily journal, in all its glory.

Ah, I see now, this was back when I had a cellphone plan, as opposed to prepay.  I also took a lot of trolley rides apparently.  And had a cup of my favourite tea.  And bought a new t-shirt.


Sexy.  More writing in the beginning, and more glue-ins as it came to a close.  It often happens with my journals, but it’s not always on purpose.  Definitely not on purpose with this one.  I loved it.  If I had to, I don’t know, keep select few notebooks from all the ones I’ve written in so far, this one would definitely be somewhere on the list.

Written by Alexandra

22 December 2009 at 12:33 am

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