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If only I weren’t such a chickenshit, I would’ve finally overcome at least one of the obstacles that are currently holding me back.

My name is Yukino, and I am a loser. y/y?

Anyway, today was Aunt’s birthday.  There was lots of (too much, really) delicious food.  Observe:

As you can see, my plate is already clean.  Not my shot glass, though.

And cake:

… is a three-layer monster of doom and gloom rainbows and unicorns.  I ate a piece, which I am sure weighed about a tonne, and hauled three more pieces home.  I urge you to guess what I’m having for breakfast tomorrow later today.  GUESS.

Anyway, Aunt E kindly gave me the cake recipe.  I’m not a baker, unless it’s some batter that I can just pour into a pan and forget about for the needed duration of time.  This cake is basically that, times three, because every layer is slightly different.  Cream & frosting are one and the same and very easy too, so I’m going to be making this when I feel overly healthy and have to rectify the sheer horror of that feeling with something sweet, calorieffic, tasty, and awful.


Written by Alexandra

29 December 2009 at 12:36 am

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