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Starting with December 28 (Aunt’s birthday) and up until January 14th are complete and total days of gluttony and over-eating in the world of yukinos.

New Year’s feast:

The Russian salads of doom.  Also, I’d like you to know that I was the one to inhale all the olives.  Mmm.

And here’s the second course.  Nearly finished.

Some close-ups of all the horrible, evil, awfully nicely smelling meat.  And potatoes.

Jolie approves.  Also, I’m not sure why the first picture is darker than the others.  What can I say, I suck at this photoshop thing.  And, well, taking pictures too.  They’re all rather blurry, aren’t they?  In my defense, Jolie never sits still.  EVER.

And here’s our tree!  I can’t decide if it’s bigger or smaller than the one we got last year.  About the same, maybe.

And, yeah, this is uhh…  It’s a picture I took of the fireworks.  You can’t see the fireworks, of course.  Because I hadn’t had the time to open the window, because they were so short, those fireworks, so the lamp reflects off of the glass.  Yeah.  YOU CAN LAUGH, OKAY.  I know I did.

It was a low-key New Year for the Family folk and I.  Mother & I sang karaoke until about 4 am, then Grandmother shooed us away, because she wanted to sleep.  By that time Father & Brother were already asleep ten times.

I got gifts!  Cousin gave me a beautiful candle, which I’ll take a picture of later.  One of those days.  Brother gave me a Dove gift-set:  Cream Oil, a deodorant, and a loofah.  V. happy for body wash (haven’t had one in… years.  Soap FTW) and loofah, will have to give deodorant to someone, because my headaches are very fond of its scent, it seems.

So, yay.  New year, new decade, all that motherjazz.


Written by Alexandra

2 January 2010 at 12:39 am

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