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i haven’t started a new blog in a while.

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It’s an odd feeling, to lose continuity in some way.  It’s also an odd feeling to start a new blog amidst such turbulence in my life.  I used to find solace in writing.  It was also a form of expression, of letting go.  These days, it’s very hard to do.

But I will try.

I’ve always wanted a blog that would encompass my many interests, but I could never really keep one up-to-date.  I realise now that it was mostly because a) my interests weren’t very interesting for me; b) my interests were interesting for me, but I never felt adequate enough to write about them; c) my interests mostly had the tendency to expand to theory only, and since this theory I picked up from other, more informative sites, there was no use to butchering and simplifying the information found elsewhere.

My situation shifted greatly.  I still have interests that sometimes pop up from the background of my mind and buzz a little.  But overall, my main interest (goal, point in life, calling, occupation, obedience) is my family.  I have no children, and I am not married or partnered, so when I say family, I mean: my mother, my brother, my father, my seven cats, my cousin.  It pains me to say that today is the 15th day from the date when I could no longer add my darling grandmother to this list.  She died 31 May 2012.  To say that I (we all) mourn is to say very little.

So this blog is about this.  Obviously I might stray away from topics of housekeeping (but not far — I’m a homemaker, unemployed), but I say 75% of content will be about striving to lead a simple life in turbulent times.

Also, God.  He is Great.

Maybe at times this blog will be mostly about God, to think of it.  Only, if there is a subject I feel inadequate to eloquently write about, then it is the subject of our Saviour.


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14 June 2012 at 5:51 pm

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