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On Unhealthy Religiosity

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This is something that I believe I have a bit of a struggle with, but maybe in a lesser, lower sense. The question I’ve been pondering lately, and the one I will eventually return to on this blog, is how to balance the religious person and the secular person. I believe this is something that all laymen struggle with. My struggle led me away from Christ twice, and I don’t want to repeat this again. So balance is essential.

Milk & Honey

By: Elder Porphyry the Kapsokalivite

A Christian should avoid unhealthy religiosity: both the feeling of superiority due to virtue, and the feeling of inferiority due to sinfulness. One thing is it to have a complex and another, humility; one thing depression and another, repentance.


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Written by Alexandra

21 June 2012 at 7:21 am

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