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After two hours of work, I’m done with a pile of laundry that waited to be ironed.  I’d bask in the glory of it all, however the next pile has already started, well, piling up.  So I’ll skip the basking for now.  And the dirty laundry basket is half-empty now (which seems a more optimistic interpretation than half-full in this particular case, don’t you think?), but there are also three huge plastic bags full of linen and cat sheets.  Cat sheets are a special type of linen.  Read: old bedclothes adapted to cat use.  They are placed on cat chairs.  Which are — yeah, old chairs adapted to cat use.

There are a lot of things in this house adapted to cat use.  Sometimes willingly, sometimes not so much.

But back to laundry!  I’m writing this post in the wee hours of Saturday, and since Sunday is usually bedclothes change day, it means that my glorious half-empty laundry basket will be full again — probably with an additional bag or two.  The situation is exacerbated by weather.  It’s very hot outside, yes.  This usually means that one or two loads of laundry will be dry (we line-dry on the balcony) before I finish another two loads.  But since my mother can’t take the heat, I keep the AC going.  If I turn the washer on, it overloads the electrical system, and I have to run downstairs to switch the circuit breakers back on.

It’s all very exciting.

… I think I’m going to postpone changing (at least) my bedclothes for another week.  Ahem.


Written by Alexandra

20 July 2012 at 11:37 pm

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