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to-do list, 21-22 july 2012.

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Before everything that’s happened (and continues to happen) in my life recently, I used to keep a detailed journal.  It was a mix of an account of events (which were lacking), my thoughts (of which there’s always plenty), to-do lists, various cut-outs and ephemera…  I keep telling myself that I need to return to keeping a journal, that I need to keep better track and try to preserve every memory of every happening that God sends my way.  But I can’t find words.  My journal these days is basically a continuous to-do list, to-buy list, with a short note about a recipe I want to try or person I need to call.  I want to record my thoughts, but I suppose it’s too painful.

To-do lists, however, still need to be written, and points on these lists still need to be crossed out upon completion.  With mother’s release from hospital and things that are happening and will follow, I certainly do need that axis that a to-do list might provide.

My to-do lists are always very ambitious.  What I list for two days cannot be done in a week, at least by me.  But over and over again, I continue repeating that mistake.  On the other hand, my to-do lists might contain such seemingly obvious items as ‘take a shower’ or ‘have breakfast’ or ‘pray’.  Because if I don’t add them to the list, they won’t get done.  By the end of the day I am usually so drained, I forget why I lie down on my bed.  (Hint: to sleep.)

Weekend to-do list:

Laundry: one, two, three, four, five loads; one blanket; one rucksack.

Ironing: what’ll pile up.

Cooking: corn pancakes, syrniki, regular pancakes, maybe some baking to use up all the old kefir, chicken nuggets for brother, Brussels sprouts for all; experimental batch of biscuits for cousin’s visit; maybe preserve watermelon rind; maybe bake pineapple pie.


– wash windows in: big kitchen, my room;

– hoover: brother’s room;

– cat litter boxes

– big bathroom; small bathroom.

Buy: kettles (electric, regular — maybe); cat litter, cat food (definitely); wax candles; chicken, milk.

Organizing: find keyboard wire; move magazines from one shelf to some place else; clean out shelves from under TV.

Crafts & improvement: make a “shelf” out of laminate board; start on curtains for two shelves.

Research: TV sets; cat hotels; window blinds.

Other: send mum’s scans over to two clinics; take a shower; church!; read with mum (one, two times); clinic with mum (stitches removal); call aunt T; call M.I.; call L.V.; call A.A.; call aunt L.; talk to brother about cemetery visit; plan vet times with brother.

That’s it!  I can already see it’s a bit too ambitious for 48 hours (even less now).  But my to-do lists are continuous, so this one will serve as a reminder for next one.

We’ll see how much out of this one I’ll get accomplished by the end of Sunday!


Written by Alexandra

21 July 2012 at 12:05 am

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