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Picplz, a picture service I used on my Android, closed down recently.  Below are all the photos I managed to upload there over those several months that I used the service relatively actively.  They don’t seem to be in any chronological order, though, sorry.

(I love chronological order.)


This was for a blog post on one of my previous blogs.  It’s a touristy coin purse I bought in (yeah, you wouldn’t believe it) London, many, many years ago.


This is an edit of the picture above.  I am unsure why it saved so small.


Waiting for my cousin in McDonald’s, playing with … Intelligent Snake?  I used to own two as a kid, and I loved playing with them, though I’ve never learnt many figures.


One of my cats, Jolie.  She’s very communicable and eager.


Drinking tea on the balcony.  Enjoy the kitschy cup.


A boat I never boarded.  I worked that day.


Black and white makes this picture look entirely too dramatic.  ‘Twas a peaceful sunny day.  Too sunny.


Another cat o’ mine, Shumko.


That golden smudge in the middle, I think it’s the Sun.


Taken on the same day as the picture before it.  Mum was driving.


First days of autumn.  This was taken close to my university.


One of the rooms in a small hotel my parents own.


Decorative shelves in the restaurant.


River bank.


River bank, take two.


Chapel next to the church I visit most often.  It’s the country’s central cathedral.  I rarely go there for service, though, as it is so popular, one can’t breathe there even on a simple Sunday, let alone holidays.


I was very late for a very important class once, and one of the main roads in the city was closed for reparations.  I enjoyed my walk, though.


My mum and I stopped at Metro to buy some things.


Written by Alexandra

2 August 2012 at 8:16 pm

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