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(This is not a review, even though it is tagged as one.  I do not write reviews.  These are my notes about the series.)

Scott & Bailey is how a police procedural should be made.  Seriously.  I could’ve been watching the wrong series all of these years (even though PP is one of my favourite genres), but when I’ve only started S&B, I feared for a moment that it’s going to be yet another series with small mentions of leads and mostly just running after suspects in high-heels between rooftops.

Thankfully, it is not so.

Scott & Bailey is brilliantly written.

It balances between characters’ work, characters’ relationships, and characters’ personal lives really, really well.

It highlights the challenges of being a woman detective.

There’s one episode that focusses on being a woman and a rape victim.  It specifically mentions how hard it is for a woman to prosecute an offender for sexual assault, and how often this is discouraged, even by the police themselves.

I highlight this because it’s an important issue that not many television series tackle.

Scott & Bailey is beautifully filmed.

It has a great opening sequence.

Look, there’s one for S2:

Scott & Bailey is available on DVD both on Amazon and Amazon UK.  Amazon sells S1 for an insane price of $50.  Amazon UK has a boxset of both seasons for £21.  Watch out for regions, though!  (The one on main Amazon is the same.)

(Amazon UK links are not affiliate links.)


Written by Alexandra

6 September 2012 at 6:56 pm

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