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(Despite tag, this is not a review.  I don’t write reviews.  It’s just my notes.)

Nikita is a story of an ex-agent of a secret division of government, creatively called Division.  She’s escaped its clutches and now works to bring it down. 

If you’re as old as I am, then you’re probably familiar with Nikita the French film and La Femme Nikita the Canadian TV series.  This new show is based on these characters.  Nikita has now gone rogue, has placed a mole inside Division, and methodically undermines every mission she becomes aware of.

Although I could guess many of the twists and turns in the series, it is well written and quite action-packed.  I never really wanted to take a break from watching the show, which is a good sign.

the Positive

1. I really, really like the title character of the show.  Despite unbelievable skillz in nearly all areas, she’s quite… human.  Maggie Q is perfect for the role, too.

2. I don’t know who does the wardrobe for the series, but man, what an epic job.  Such a great mix of femme fatale and utility.  There was also an episode, Coup de Grace, in which Nikita breaks off the heels of her shoes – no fighting on stilettos!  Great point in my book, because, srsly.  There are entire blogs (and a thread on tFS) dedicated to Nikita style, and with great reason.  Had I Maggie Q’s excellent physique, I am sure I would’ve just copied nearly all outfits of hers in full.  (The only reason I don’t mention Lyndsy Fonseca or Melinda Clarke here is because their characters’ style doesn’t correspond as much with my (dream) style.  Both Alex and Amanda look great and are dressed really nicely.  I really wish we could’ve seen more of Jaden as well.)

3. I found Michael annoying for the first 15 episodes or so, but eventually he grew on me.  They started writing him better, thus giving Shane West more to work with.

the So-So

1. I find it hard to relate to Alex.  The girl has gone through unimaginable things, and the least I could do is be sympathetic – but I can’t.

2. I cannot stand Amanda.  I know I’m not supposed to love her, but I should at least find her interesting.  It’s odd, because I love a good female villain (forgive the oxymoron), but Amanda I just want to punch in the face.  Continuously.  Even Percy, despite all of his money-loving, broken people-using, government-overthrowing, two-dimensional self, is more likeable.

And actually, that’s the problem with the series for me.  The bad guys so far are quite two-dimensional.  They’re just that – bad.  No grey areas.

Perhaps I’m just older than the target audience.

3.  Now, my favourite point.  The Russians.  Let’s ignore the entire mafia, sex slavery and oligarchs thing (I could write a dissertation on that), and move on to finer points.

You know, earlier on Hollywood at least tried to match the (no matter how badly) spoken Russian to subtitles.  Nowadays the spoken lines and the English text don’t even match in meaning.

Why Gogol?  Why not Pushkin or Kuprin or Bunin?  Whenever I hear Gogol, the only thing I can picture in my mind is this guy:

— with a machine gun.

The ballet in Covenants was a touch too much Russianness for me.

Nevertheless, I am going to watch the second season, even though the ending of the first one felt a bit… crammed?  But then again, one can do only that much with an episode.


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