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I was digging through my old blog (here, if you wanna take a look at it; plan on converting it to an exclusively *~*style and beauty*~* endeavour, so that here I could focus on words and photography), and stumbled upon my quarterly plans which I diligently wrote up till the misfortune that befell my family so suddenly.

I am still quite afraid to plan, but with these I come from the bizarre logic that they were written before.  So I’m not exactly planning anything new, rather, trying to get my life in order and tie any loose ends.

Below is the list of all the plans, merged into one monster of a list, with my commentary.  It’s long and boring to anyone but me and those of us who love lists.  I didn’t even bother copying them in order I wrote them, nor prioritising. 

Some of these have been completed, I’ve kept them, with comments, for posterity.  Others have become obsolete, sadly.  They are there too, with notice.  There are repeats, but I think I managed to catch most of them.  Should I become brave enough to come up with new plans for 2013, I’ll share them closer to the New Year.

So, the cut.

  • Take a bartending class.  I’ve bartended since 2003, and while I can certainly mix a mean one, I’ve no proof of that.  I’d like some proof.
  • Buy 4-5 t-shirts.  I’m going to update this to, buy 4-5 dark grey or black t-shirts.
  • Apply for second major.  I’ve done this, but then had to drop off.  So it’s reinstall myself as a student of second major.
  • Develop remaining film.  I keep finding all these rolls all over the house.  Photos come out funky looking because the rolls are so old.
  • Fix Lubitel and finish five new rolls I’ve got for it.
  • Go see Harry Potter 7.2 premiere.  At least, go see it in theatres.  Done.  Didn’t make it to the premiere, but I’ve seen it in theatres twice.
  • Continue Postcrossing.  It’s a quaint little hobby I used to adore.  I’m not so in love with it now, but now that my loneliness has escalated, I’m sure it’ll be a nice kick to get something in the postbox.  That, and I have something like a hundred postcards that I’d like to send out.
  • Vanity things:  Dye my hair into some abominable colour.  Get my ears re-pierced.  Done.  Correcting to:  Even out my hair colour to look something like Gwen Stefani’s.  Add one more piercing to ears.
  • Overhaul the cat set-up of the house.  Overhauling includes:  Replacing all litter boxes, replacing food trays, purchasing a couple of beds, switching toys, installing a tree.  Food trays replaced, litter boxes are on their way.  Everything else dependent on whether I’ll secure a job.
  • House things:  Wallpaper, baseboards, tiles, and floor coverage in the smaller corridor.  Wallpaper, baseboards, ceiling, and floor coverage in the small kitchen.  Wallpaper, paint, tiles, and baseboards in the bigger kitchen.  New washing machine.  These require epic amounts of money, so if one of these things gets done, it’ll be great.  New washing machine – check.  Paint in the bigger kitchen – check.
  • DIY things:  Refurbish big and small ladders.  Refurbish shelves in the smaller kitchen.  Refurbish dining table in the bigger kitchen.  Shelves since then moved to bigger kitchen.  Otherwise, no changes here.
  • Talk to O. (my BFF from drama school) at least once a week.  Obsolete.
  • Talk to I. on Skype from time to time.  Five times throughout the whole summer will be a huge step.  Will try.  Change summer to winter.
  • Meet up with S. for a cup of tea once or twice a month.  Obsolete.  Since then married, his wife won’t let him.
  • Finish jewellery stand DIY.  Obsolete.
  • Work on my French.  Go for 30 minutes a day.  Reading, listening, watching, Google translating random things — everything counts.  Need to reinforce.  After schedule review, maybe pump it to one hour.
  • Rearrange furniture.  Done.
  • Clean out cups, mugs, dishware.  There are things that I’ll be moving to Villa to mother’s ‘old house’ project, things that will be used as herb pots, and things that need to be taken and placed somewhere where they can easily be picked up by the less fortunate.  Done.
  • Edit photographs from the archives often.  Aim for every day, but five days a week is OK.  Regularly post photographs from the archives here and in other places.  My goal is to clean out the backlog so I could post current photographs.  In progress.
  • Limit coffee consumption to 1-3 times a week.  Nowhere near that.  Currently at 2-5 per day.
  • Work on removing dairy and eggs from my diet.  I’ve recently re-read some vegan books and blog posts, and the more I think about it, the more I feel like giving up animal product consumption entirely.  My location makes it more difficult in some ways (limited amount of meat substitutes available for about 3 months every year during 2 major Orthodox fasts, non-dairy milks are very pricey, non-dairy substitutes of everything else are nonexistent, no one’s ever heard of egg replacements or other baking binders, dining out is out of question) and easier in others (lots of veggies and beans, cheap tofu, cheap soy products), but this summer I plan on working towards it.  Obsolete.
  • Lose weight.  Vanity’s nice, and I just want my knees to stay around for a couple more years.  I aim for 10 kg (a bit over 20 lbs), which I think is both healthy and doable.  Though I won’t lie, I’ll be delighted if it ends up being more prolific.  I did lose some weight, but there’s a-way to go.
  • Work on getting fit.  I can’t even do squats (see: knee), and my arms are very weak.  I don’t plan on becoming an ex-Californian governor in his better years, but I cannot lie: a tight round arse will be a nice addition to my image.  My arms are more defined, definitely, though it’s only visible to me under all the fat that I need to drop.  Nevertheless, I did become stronger.  So I should continue in that direction.
  • Be more adamant with my blogging.  Take my blog to the next level, if you please — only I don’t like how that sounds.  I want to start writing a few regular features/ columns (like Caturdays), change design to something more prominent, tackle things discussed on this page (scroll down), and generally just work on this beast more.  Obsolete as to the description.  Entire goal still stands strong.
  • Finish library reorganizing.  Mum and I started back in December, and it’s still not done.  Augh, it’s driving me nuts.
  • Start (because it won’t be done in one summer) cataloguing books.
  • Purchase small understated (preferably white) gold earrings (studs, need 4).  I went through my stuff, and realised that I don’t have any.  It’s not that I really need them, as the default ones I’ve had my ears pierced with will work just fine for another 10-12 years, but it’s nice to have some variety.  This goal definitely shouldn’t come before cat set-up or any other money-related things.
  • House things: Redecorate brother’s room (technically a new goal), so that I could finally rearrange furniture.  It’s driving me mad.  Furniture rearranged.  Brother said he doesn’t want any redecorations.  Obsolete.
  • Mirror in the small bathroom – paint.
  • Reinforce odd/ freelance job search.  I’ve been reading through job ads for all this time, but out of habit I’ve mostly been looking up the regular stuff.  I can’t hold a regular job now, so I just need as many one-timers as possible. Unfortunately, it’s hard to set a defined success line for this one.  Let’s say… if I make 300 Euro until next goal audit, I’ll call it a success.  (Sounds defeatist, is unfortunately realistic.)  Obsolete as to the amount of money (will need more); everything else applies.
  • Fix Shnits’s (one of kitties) teeth.  Done.
  • Open a MDL deposit.  I think the starting sum at the bank I plan to do it at is something like 100 (less than $10 by today’s rates).  Totally doable.  Done, but then had to close to help paying for surgery.
  • Buy out at least one pawned piece of jewellery.  The more, the merrier.  Done.  Pawned jewellery still exists, for the sum of approximately $300, but I did buy out most of the things.
  • Eradicate tardiness.  Oddly, I’m never late on early days, and almost always come into the classroom after the bell on late ones.  Mostly it’s because I get so caught up in doing something (cooking, cleaning, blogging, reading…), I lose track of time.  I used to be better about this, I want to get back to that point.
  • Attendance.  I’m doing quite well this year, actually.  I want to keep missed days under 3 a month, which is what I’ve been doing, aside from genuine sick days. 
  • Start on the city project.  Ooh, fancy.  Actually, it’s not.  Will get into more details later.
  • A tentative goal, but I’m including it here:  I want to start piano lessons again.  I’m a decent player, but I want to improve.  I think one lesson a week will suffice.  
  • Before I can start piano, however, I need to have my instrument tuned, and this costs a lot, last time I checked.
  • Reorganise this poor thing.
  • Add all the things I’ve been planning to add to this poor thing.  OK, all is too vague.  Say, three.  Obsolete in the sense that I’ve implied here, however, I’m not letting the domain go.  So I still need to add things, but in a different sense.
  • Do well at exams. The unattainable ideal would be to get all As.  (Not because I can’t do it, but because no one ever really gives one an A.  It’s true, I complained about it on my eljay some months ago.  It’s the mark correlation. A 10 in this country is an A+, while a 9 is an A.  However, by official records, a 9 is a B.) The realistic goal is to get 9s with an occasional (say, 4 overall?) 8.
  • Switch make-up, toiletries, and household cleaners to brands that do not engage in animal testing.  I will not throw out any of the cosmetics I currently have (unless they go bad), but I will not buy any new ones from companies whose statements are clear about their positive views on animal testing.  This time around I’m giving myself some room for ambiguity, but will only use this excuse if there is absolutely no alternative.  (I live in a place where this is possible.)  In some cases ‘go without’ is a doable alternative, and I’ll stick to it; in other cases (and I’m about to discover which ones these’d be) it’s not.  Not obsolete, but on the backburner.  The more current goal would be:  Use up as many cosmetics as you’ve got without buying anything new.

And this is the list of goals I set for 2012.  The most fucked up year of my life so far, so obviously none of these things really got done.  This will stay for 2013, in hopes that nothing will go as awry as it went in 2012.

0.  Before I start with the list, I’d like to say that my ~*~moste potente and importante goal~*~ (which actually has three parts) is not mentioned here.  I write about it on ancient pages of antique leather bound book in blood ink and arcane language of powerful wisdom and ultimate bliss, and I never share it with anybody.  I thought it important to mention, because this three-fold goal defines all my other goals and actions.  It’s the grey cardinal of goals.  I think I’m going to start calling it that.  GCG for short.  😛

1.  Buy out 50% of jewellery.

I talked to the pawn shop lady, and she told me that as I’m a regular customer (I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry), I can add a bit more money to the rate I pay each month and decrease the amount I owe gradually, instead of waiting for the mythical date of owning $350 and shelling it out in one day.  The rate will decrease with the sum I owe, of course, so if this month I’m paying $35 for a ticket, but add $10 to the rate, it’ll go towards payoff, and next month I’ll need to pay $34.  When I add enough money, I’m given a new ticket and a piece of jewellery I’ve paid off.  Nice.

I managed to buy out one ticket on 28th, so my current pawnshop debt is 7387 lei, which is something like $640 US.  If I manage to turn it into $320 by December, I will have succeeded.

Well, then, this is the goal that I succeeded at.  My current pawn shop debt is 3780 lei, which is under $320.  Will need to include buying out the rest of the jewellery into the list of new goals for 2013.

2.  Make at least 4 deposits to my savings account.  The minimum deposit for my account type is 500 lei ($43), so it means by the end of 2012 I need to deposit at least 2000 lei.  In four parts.  There must be four parts.  Duh.  Obsolete.  Savings account closed; not sure if I’ll open another one or just tuck money in the freezer or something.

3.  Have abs.  I was going to go with the ubiquitous ‘lose weight’, but I dunno, if I gain muscle, I may as well gain weight, because muscle is denser but weighs more.  So I’m going with ‘have abs’, because it’s a goal that will require me to lose a healthy amount of weight anyway.  Abs are made in the kitchen, yo.  Also, I’d like to be able to flex them in your face like a total douche that I not so secretly am.  😛

4.  RC.  For goals (and tasks) I’m not really comfortable discussing publicly but still want to mention, I come up with codenames or acronyms.  This here is one such goal.  This goal consists of five parts: NC, RP, RP2, RVJ, and RC.  NC is not needed, but desirable.  I’ll not reach RC this year (not defeatist, virtually impossible without large bribery, and if I were capable of that, I wouldn’t need pawn shops), but I need to be able to make much progress on RP and maybe even RP2.  If I do the first part this year (RP), I’ll consider it a success.  If I do RP2, I’ll probably drink so much, RVJ and RC will become unnecessary.

5. BDJ.  Another such acronym goal.  This goal is measured in money, but I’m not yet sure how much money, and when.  Nevertheless, I’ve a huge list of tasks related to the goal written out already.

6.  BBC.  No, I don’t plan on hijacking British Broadcasting Corporation.  (Maybe in 2015.)  This one actually stands for ‘bloody bartending certificate’.  Srsly, Y.  Four months which lead to ~*~NEVERENDING GLORY~*~.  Meaning, proof that you’re able to mix an appropriate White Russian.

7.  Pay back LJ buddies who kindly mailed me newspapers for my Lexicology research.  No comment needed.

8.  Get over my irrational dislike/ fear of #7 and its cousins 17, 27, 37, … n7.  The only seven I like is Mild Seven (my puns are so funny, I know, but I only speak the truth).  I’ve just contemplated taking away or adding to the list just so I could have more/ less than seven goals.  Guess I’ve kind of just done that anyway, WHOOPS HOW SNEAKY LOL HAHA.

Ahem.  — Got over this.  No longer do I fear the seven.

So these are my goals.  In addition to that, I plan on having entertaining (only for me, don’t get excited :P) monthly challenges.  They’re neither goals nor tasks, more like… I don’t know, some wuss form of behavioural experiments?  Also, if I magically complete a goal reasonably earlier than December 2012, I’ll add another goal.
Goals goals goals.

And seeing as I’m prone to oversharing, I’ll probably blabber about my task list at some point anyway.

… Why is a mix of vodka, Kahlua, and cream called a White Russian?


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