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(I tag this post ‘movie reviews’, but this is more of ‘movie notes’.  I don’t write reviews.)

War Horse (2011);

I watched this movie with my cousin back in Turkey.  I actually bought it on DVD.  I have to admit, I watched it mostly because Benedict Cumberbatch is part of the cast.  I think cousin watched for Hiddleston.  No, please don’t get me wrong, it proved to be a wonderful movie, full of hope and beauty in the middle of the disaster that is war.  I really did sympathise with the horse and its people.

the Best Exotic Marigold Hotel (2011);

This was refreshing.  Probably my favourite movie of the year.  A bunch of senior citizens move to India in search of themselves.  If you want a serious, yet light-hearted watch, get this one.  I have it on DVD as well.

Batman Begins (2005);

I have a difficult relationship with comic-based films.  Where I’m from, comics don’t play such a role in pop culture as they do in the US, so I always take the entire super-hero shabang with a huge grain of salt.  But it was entertaining, and I liked it.

Friends with Benefits (2011);

This was fun.

the Dark Knight (2008);

Same as Batman Begins, see above.  I have to add, though, Heath Ledger’s Joker is really something to behold.  After reading and hearing so much about it, my expectations were high, so I was sure I’ll end up being disappointed.  Not at all.  RIP Heath Ledger.

the Queen (2006);

I’ve wanted to watch this movie for ages, and I finally did, and I’m glad I did.  I wasn’t aware that it dealt with the Royal Family’s (especially the Queen’s) reaction to Lady Diana’s death.  Helen Mirren is great as Queen.

Mirror Mirror (2012);

I don’t really know why I watched the movie, aside from the fact that I enjoy fairytale retellings.  Snow’s step-mother is obviously psychopathic, but not in an entertaining way.  The CGI was enjoyable, I liked the action and the costume design, and the Bollywood-ish scene at the very end was a touch uncalled for, but quite entertaining nonetheless.  Sang that song for three days straight.

Just Go With It (2011);

I usually enjoy Adam Sandler movies, but this one I found rather obnoxious.  Also, I found it racist on quite a few occasions.  I’d like to blame it on the dub.  I watched dubbed to Russian, and sometimes translation inadvertently changes the dialogue from something that’s innocent to something that’s, well, racist.  It’s not to say that Russian, or any other translators, are racist, it’s just that sometimes dialogue changes are made which make it unintentional – though still inexcusable.  Anyway, I’ll leave translation woes for some other time.  Like I said, I’d like to blame it on the dub, but I can’t.  I found the movie racist.

Brave (2012);

I wanted to love this movie more than I did.  I couldn’t, and I can’t quite explain why.  Nevertheless it’s enjoyable, and I don’t regret watching it.

Aside from these movies, I’ve also caught up on The Mentalist and finished watching fourth season of CastleCastle is good formulaic entertainment; and The Mentalist is always great.  Usually a show starts to annoy me a bit somewhere around S3.  The Mentalist is the first series in a long, long time where it hasn’t happened.  I’m always waiting anxiously for next episode.


Written by Alexandra

1 January 2013 at 8:12 pm

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