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I’ve been up since 03:30, to both watch the American football match (rather, to keep him company as he watches) and to fix my sleeping schedule.  If I wake up after 11:00, I’m not productive at all, and this is what I’ve been doing for the past few months – waking up after 11.  Today I hope to go to bed by 20, and be up by 6.  I usually need much less sleep, but right now I’m giving allowances for the perpetually cold flat and my very, very thin blanket.

My cats have been unhappy with me lately.  I can see it in their demeanour, which is a very posh way of saying that they shit & piss on the floors liberally these days & drop stuff from shelves and tables to the ground too many times to mention.  Even though I am mostly at home, I don’t spend enough time just sitting with them.  They miss human interaction, I guess.  Back when there were three of us cat ladies, they could choose a human and go sit in their lap for a bit.  Now there’s only one of me, and while I try to pay attention to them all, yesterday I’ve realised that I haven’t as much as picked Musya off the ground for about a week.

6th was mum’s 40 day memorial service.  7th, yesterday, was a very unfestive and unproductive Christmas.

It’s the day after Christmas today (also my father’s birthday), and the city is still empty. Yesterday was glorious, but I didn’t go out. Today there are more cars and more people, but not much more. I’m going to go out in a few hours to church and take a walk around the park afterwards. The bells have already called for service, but I’m going to come in afterwards.

I’m doing a bit of background works on ye olden blogs. Nothing major, just things that will, with hope, help me keep things more organised and, as a result, post more frequently. Right now I’m ~90% sure that I will move this log to my underused main domain & 30% sure that I’ll merge it with my financial & household drivel blog.

Blogs blogs blogs.

Either that, or I’ll start a fifth one, because I don’t really like 4 as a number.


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8 January 2013 at 7:18 am

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