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9 productivity tricks for procrastinators.

Harry Potter WB Studio tour.  I didn’t even know you could tour the thing, and now I really, really want to.

What if we responded to sexual assault by limiting men’s freedom like we limit women’s?

Floral collages.

LA Times best recipes.

This is epic: complete Doctor Who timeline.

10 things you learn during your first semester as a fashion major.  I at first thought sharing this link on my underdeveloped style blog, but then realised that advice therein is applicable to most areas of life, not just fashion world.

Men Undergo Simulated Labor Contractions To Experience Pains Of Childbirth For Dutch TV Show.  Exactly what it says, with video.  I’m now 99.9% cemented in my decision to adopt.


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20 January 2013 at 7:03 pm

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