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What happened to downtime?  found via Yes and Yes.

Risking a blog relaunch & selecting a platform & Blogging wisdom and a fresh start are both very useful.

This set gives me a feeling of peace.

5 places you may be forgetting to clean in the laundry room; and at the end of the post is the link round-up for other places around the house you might be forgetting to clean.  My vice?  Microwave.  Ugh.

Spotted: Canadian Tuxedo; denim denim denim.

On selling out, or “Someone had to pay for all that Christmas confetti.”

6 tips for beating the blank page; on the fine example of Roald Dahl.

Commonly misused words.  Print it, hang it on a wall, memorise it.

“I’m not going to see this again.”  It’s the small things, people.

The 19 most annoying things about being vegan.

One of the best ways to get your food budget under control is fairly simple: Don’t waste.  I keep trying to reinforce this principle in myself.

Create professional looking photos with (almost) no equipment.

12 rules to live by.

DIY Jeweled Knit Hat.  One day I will find loom & hook set here.  I will.

What I Wore: Perfect Plaid.  I’ve never thought of layering two shirts before, but this is amazing.

A few of Victoria’s best kept secrets.

6 awesome easer eggs hidden in programs you use every day.

What your favourite Disney princess says about you.

15 things you can do to be your best today.  Although the gizzards the author tried were probably undercooked.  They need their time to taste delicious.

Momo Wang; this is brilliant.

The most annoying question ever.


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