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2013, goals.

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I already wrote my reading & watching goals, my financial goals, and my style goals.  Now it’s high time I post more serious life goals, because I sure as hell don’t want to be sitting in a clean house with my nails done, reading glorified romance novels, thinking of all that could’ve been.

I tried separating this list into vague categories of me, home, career, peace/ contentment, and big fat loads of cash, but then I decided it’s easier to just write a list of them all, since they’re all connected to me anyway.

0.  Refer to past plans for 2012, complete things that are still relevant.

1.  Go back to uni to second year in English major, and to first and second in Psychology; successfully transfer to third year in both.  Get decent marks, pass all exams, don’t drop out.

While I’m at it, I might as well calculate all the money I’ve pathetically wasted since 2001, all for the sake of trying to get a formal education.  Pretty sure my nail polish addiction is child’s play in comparison.

2.  Start choir again.  Depending on money and university, start private vocal and piano lessons.

I really like choir.  I really like singing in general.  Too bad my voice isn’t strong enough to consider a career.

3.  Regardless of whether I’ll be getting private lessons, relearn piano to the level I’ve been at when I stopped.

Music calms me & lets me shut my mind off for a bit.  I’d really like to add violin to that, but I fear brother will hang me on a string and spear me with a bow if I try, so let’s leave this for now.

4.  Take long walks every day.  Length will be dependent on how busy I’ll be on a particular day, but at least 30 minutes daily is a must.

As this is early morning 1 January 2013 I’m posting this, without having slept yet, it’s going to be interesting keeping this resolution today, but I will do my best.

5.  Be able to do five pull-ups by the end of the year.  And not just puny half ones either.  Full, honest to God pull-ups.

The abs resolution remains, but it’s covered in past goals.

6.  Stop sharing a watered-down version of self online.  I should either stop sharing completely, or just share.

This is a general "umbrella" goal for all the things I want to do online, like, for example, a better representation of self on social networks.  Which sounds all majestic, but boils down to the simple question of, "Do I need a Google+ account if I never bleeding use it?", or, "How on God’s green earth do I get more than one follower on Youtube?"

I have also aggregated a decent number of domains, even though I’ve always feared of being one of those people, with eight hundred domain names.  I currently have four, and how many of them do I actually use?  Puny contents of smthntrl don’t count; so the answer is, nil.

For a goal to really be a goal, I need to speak in precise numbers.  I might induce some laughs, but here goes the "subscriber number wishlist"

  • pinterest — 150
  • twitter — 200
  • youtube — 30
  • flickr — 300 (this is higher than the rest, because apparently 80 people subscribe to my photo feed already)
  • smthntrl — 150 subscribers // 10000 monthly page views (apparently there’s a month when I’ve reached 1062, and I haven’t even posted once that month)
  • household experiment — 150 subscribers // 3000 monthly page views
  • inner moldova — 150
  • this place — 150

"This place" needs some thinking.  I might move the sucker back to my first domain.

I’m so fickle.  No wonder my stats are so damn low.

Anyway, further list:

  • zazzle — 150 sales
  • redbubble — 30 sales

150 on zazzle is pushing it greatly, as it’s a little over 2 sales a day, and I’ve only sold, how many, 7 things?  I opened that account in 2008, I think.  And there’s not a single sale on redbubble to date, so 30 sales is a great big scary goal.

7.  Pass IELTS. 

I talked to brother, and he says the most convenient time would be the one on 27 April 2013, with registration closing on 22 March 2013.  I’m a bit dependent on brother here, as I have to go to another country to pass the test, and it’s always more fun with someone else.  Though of course I can always go alone, by train.

Anyway, the thing with IELTS, I am yet unsure how much I have to study for this thing.  I mean, I speak English fluently, no problem, but these standard tests are always a bit of a bitch.

8.  Don’t stop writing.

This is yet another vague goal, but I’m keeping it this way on purpose.  For 2013 I’m not setting any numbers.  I really just don’t want to stop writing.  Writing is the second thing after music that helps me clear my mind.  If I lose it, then I’ll lose it.

9.  Draw 12 things; paint 6 things.

10.  Write in my handwritten journal daily.  No need to be eloquent, two short sentences about weather will do.

And this is all I’m comfortable sharing at the moment.


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1 January 2013 at 4:32 am

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reading and watching.

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I am still a bit terrified of making any solid plans for the approaching 2013.  To ease myself into it, I thought I’d start with something light-hearted, like books and movies.

I always make these challenges for myself, wherein I’d decide to watch 500 movies all the while reading 200 books.  It never happens, of course, as I’m not a film critic or a book reviewer.  Come February I find myself 50 movies and 20 books behind the challenge, so I drop it completely.

This year, I’m going to set it to something lighter.  I’m going to pledge to read 33 books and watch 150 movies.

Of these 33 books 6 will be Big Srs Reads.  This year, I plan on tackling:

  • Anna Karenina, by Leo Tolstoy; I’ve started this three times and stopped somewhere on page 120.  Now that the Joe Wright movie is out, I really want to finish reading the original before the film premieres here.
  • Crime and Punishment, by Fyodor Dostoevsky;
  • Divine Comedy, by Dante Alighieri; this book’s fate is similar to that of Karenina.  I keep starting it and dropping it.  Starting and dropping.
  • Don Quixote, by Miguel de Cervantes;
  • Little Women, by Louise May Alcott;
  • Master & Margarita, by Mikhail Bulgakov.

Additionally, two books should be dedicated to my profession, and two books should deal with God and/ or theology.

I’d also like to make my way through the entire Bible in 2013, but that’s pushing it.  Also, I will probably discuss it in a separate post.

These are all the books that I keep telling myself I’d read, but end up reading some urban fantasy young adultish once again.

Actually, it’d be nice to focus the entire year on all those books that have been on my ‘to read soon’ list for a while now.  The only reason I’m not going to list them here (though I LOVE lists) is that if I write a definite list, I’d become inundated by it and read eight hundred different books on frugality instead.

Out of 150 movies I plan on watching, at least 30 should be classics.  Say… 15 should be Soviet/ Russian classics, and 15 should be foreign classics.  I took a good look at my movie list the other day, and I’m terrified to say that it mostly consists of whatever blockbuster was released whenever.  So aside from these flicks, I’m going to try and watch something more serious.

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17 December 2012 at 1:53 am