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summer house, pt.3.

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These are the photos from a different day, when my mother and I came over to settle some remaining matters with gas and electricity debts.  This is the last time I’ve seen the house.  There are no actual photographs in it here.  I concentrated on flowers and neighbouring properties this time around.

Also, cat.

Building castles where there shouldn’t be any.

OK, this photo?  I was trying to photograph a bird in flight.  Not exactly successful.  That oddly shaped blob in top left corner, that’s your bird.  In flight.

And in this one I’m photographing a resting bird.  That little spot to the left of the roof ornament.  There it is.  You’ll probably have to zoom in.

On our way back my mum and I picked up a lady and what looked like her granddaughter, quite by mistake too.

Let me relay the tale to you.

There was a bunch of people signaling for rides on an intersection.  On that intersection my mum and I decided to stop and think which route we’d like to take.  The lady mistook our stop as a reply to her signal.  She rushed to the car, opened the door, asking if we’re going to Kish.  Mother was dumbstruck, and the logical direct dumb me answered, "… yes".  They jumped in by the time we realised what happened.

It was odd.

She gave us a dollar when it was her and her kid companion’s time to get off.

We didn’t take it.



(This post originally appeared on my old blog on 14 October 2011.)


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10 January 2013 at 3:00 am

summer house, pt. 2, mostly clouds.

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This is my grandfather’s friends’ kitten.

(This post originally appeared on my old blog on 13 October 2011.)

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9 January 2013 at 3:00 am


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Back when Musya and I were the sole occupants of this flat, she would often have epic encounters with the pigeon I fed on the outside of my kitchen window.  Below is a series of photographs taken in November 2006.

And when I’d be busy with something and the pigeon wouldn’t come, Musya would get lonely and patiently sit on the windowsill, waiting for the pigeon’s arrival.
I love my kitties.  I haven’t moved yet, but I already miss them.
(This was originally posted on my old personal blog on 01 March 2010.)

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23 December 2012 at 12:11 am