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on cats and lavender.

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Yesterday Jolie, one of the kitties we spayed, disappeared. 

We let her and Dusya out of carriages.  I saw Jolie go to the smaller kitchen, and thought she was going to her favourite chair to sleep and recuperate.  I didn’t follow her.

An hour later I decided to check on her and Dusya.  Dusya was sleeping, face down, exactly where I put her, in the exact same position.  Jolie was not in the kitchen.  I thought she moved, so I checked several other places.  She wasn’t there.

As she was still under anaesthesia, there was limited amount of space she could hide, and my brother and I searched them all.  The balcony door was open to let some fresh air in, and I feared that she fell over, so I went outside late at night with a torch and looked for possible hiding places in the vicinity of our home.  There were no visible signs of falling outside, though.  As her stiches were basically only a few hours old, there’d be blood, and lots of it, if she did fall from the third floor.

I went to bed in tears, but slept a lot, possibly from exhaustion of the previous day.

I woke up in a melancholy mood, looked through all possible hiding places again, looked from both balconies.  She was nowhere to be found.

I printed an advert, using the photo above, and was waiting for my brother to come back home so I could go outside and post it in a one-two block radius from our home.

I went to clean the smaller kitchen and corridor.  I was sweeping the floor, calling out for Jolie, in hopes that she was still hiding somewhere, and weeping.  I cleaned out litter boxes, texted brother and cousin, went to help my mum, then returned to the smaller kitchen.

I could smell lavender.

We keep yesteryear’s dry lavender under the sink in the smaller kitchen.

Now, the thing with lavender when it’s dry, you can’t smell it unless you disturb it or warm it.

I rushed to the sink and looked under it.

There was Jolie, sleeping, with her back turned to me, on the lavender tote-bag.  I picked her up, which displeased her slightly, and took her to my room and put her on the sofa.

Yesterday I looked under the sink at least five times.  Today I looked under the sink again, at least five times, too.

She must’ve teleported somewhere only cats could go and then come back.  This is the only explanation I have.

I’m glad I’ve wasted 30 sheets of paper.


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6 October 2012 at 1:28 pm

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jolie jolie.

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One of my cats is actually a dog.

IMG 0314

She’s so small here. This one was taken more than a year ago. I should upload some newer photos of kitties.

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21 August 2009 at 1:43 pm

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