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What happened to downtime?  found via Yes and Yes.

Risking a blog relaunch & selecting a platform & Blogging wisdom and a fresh start are both very useful.

This set gives me a feeling of peace.

5 places you may be forgetting to clean in the laundry room; and at the end of the post is the link round-up for other places around the house you might be forgetting to clean.  My vice?  Microwave.  Ugh.

Spotted: Canadian Tuxedo; denim denim denim.

On selling out, or “Someone had to pay for all that Christmas confetti.”

6 tips for beating the blank page; on the fine example of Roald Dahl.

Commonly misused words.  Print it, hang it on a wall, memorise it.

“I’m not going to see this again.”  It’s the small things, people.

The 19 most annoying things about being vegan.

One of the best ways to get your food budget under control is fairly simple: Don’t waste.  I keep trying to reinforce this principle in myself.

Create professional looking photos with (almost) no equipment.

12 rules to live by.

DIY Jeweled Knit Hat.  One day I will find loom & hook set here.  I will.

What I Wore: Perfect Plaid.  I’ve never thought of layering two shirts before, but this is amazing.

A few of Victoria’s best kept secrets.

6 awesome easer eggs hidden in programs you use every day.

What your favourite Disney princess says about you.

15 things you can do to be your best today.  Although the gizzards the author tried were probably undercooked.  They need their time to taste delicious.

Momo Wang; this is brilliant.

The most annoying question ever.


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27 January 2013 at 5:11 pm

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9 productivity tricks for procrastinators.

Harry Potter WB Studio tour.  I didn’t even know you could tour the thing, and now I really, really want to.

What if we responded to sexual assault by limiting men’s freedom like we limit women’s?

Floral collages.

LA Times best recipes.

This is epic: complete Doctor Who timeline.

10 things you learn during your first semester as a fashion major.  I at first thought sharing this link on my underdeveloped style blog, but then realised that advice therein is applicable to most areas of life, not just fashion world.

Men Undergo Simulated Labor Contractions To Experience Pains Of Childbirth For Dutch TV Show.  Exactly what it says, with video.  I’m now 99.9% cemented in my decision to adopt.

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20 January 2013 at 7:03 pm

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Steam noir.

Favorite views and yards of 2012.

Saturday with friends; how warm and beautiful this whole thing is?

Thinking of quitting coffee?  Healthy coffee alternatives.

Pantone desserts.

Epiphany cake!  The Orthodox tradition doesn’t necessarily call for the cake (the Orthodox tradition really only calls for a version of sweet pastry/ cake during Easter); but if I have time, I want to make it this year.  I just need to gather round some trinkets.  I’m pretty sure I’ll have enough around the house…

Fun little trick with clementines, after M.F.K. Fisher.

Invite someone new over for dinner at least once a month.  This is a great resolution.  I’m not quite ready to adopt it as mine, though; maybe next year.

Do we really hate our boyfriends watching sport as much as we’re made out to?  I’ve never had a partner into sports, but I’ve a feeling I wouldn’t really give much of a damn if supposed partner preferred watching football for prolonged periods of time.  I mean, I prefer scrolling through tumblr.  We’d get even pretty quickly.

Best of Disney’s Splash Fountain.

Caffeine-free hot drinks: Five alternatives to coffee and tea.

The happiest animal in the world.  How cute is this?!

Beautiful photos of Northern Vietnam.

Tube turns 150.

Abandoned porn.  This is not about porn.

Time capsule mansion opened after 100 years.

The Blogess (from whom I lifted two previous links) shares autocorrect wonders.  I cried.

And now for some srs: The truth about being a gay 16-year-old at an all boys boarding school.

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13 January 2013 at 4:07 am

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Not for the faint at heart; Meth’s devastating effects: before and after.

Rare color photos from 1930s-40s.

31 days to a fitter, healthier you; I’m thinking of writing these ideas down and implementing them all through January.  See if it really makes me fitter and healthier.

An interview with Keira Knightley; it always amazes me how intelligent and thoughtful this woman is.  Here’s another interview, promoting Anna Karenina.

Keira Knightley: Diary from Chad.

How I Made the Escape; Sarah shared this back in May, but I’m only now catching up on things.  It’s worth a read, and very inspiring if you’ve been working on a big goal.

2012: the year of the dumb blockbuster.

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30 December 2012 at 3:51 pm

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Things I’ve learned; Pioneer Woman writes on losing her grandmother. 

Just because she’s drunk, doesn’t mean she wants to fuck; is a photoset on tumblr.  Powerful and always – always – relevant.

Euphemistic Language quote; don’t forget to watch the video too.

The #1 career mistake capable people make; an interesting article, which led me to another interesting article, linked below.

The slightly painful truth is, at any one time there is only one piece of real estate we can "own" in another person’s mind. People can’t think of us as a project manager, professor, attorney, insurance agent, editor and entrepreneur all at exactly the same time. They may all be true about us but people can only think of us as one thing first.

The disciplined pursuit of less.

10 simple things to make you happier at home;  I liked this article so much, I’m considering turning it into a sort of a course for self.  Take one action a week, implement, see how much it changes my overall mood.

Stop being ashamed of your dreams; I needed to read this.

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23 December 2012 at 12:07 am

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currently trying to figure out: orthodoxy and evolution.

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One of my biggest problems with Christianity is burning Harry Potter books denial of evolution.  When I started my renewed foray into Orthodoxy, this was one of the first subjects constantly on my mind.

I still need to read more, but I’ve started, and I’ve started with the following:

Evolution on OrthodoxWiki

Orthodoxy and Creationism, an article by A. Kuraev

Earth, a Home for Life (also, resources links at the end of the article)

Orthodoxy on Faith and Science

Are Science and Religion Compatible?

Orthodoxy and Creationism (another article of such title)

I haven’t read all of these just yet; this is more of a reading list I want to get through during the next week.