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a walk in february.

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In the last days of February mum & I went for a small walk around the old part of Kish.  It was beastly cold, and I took only a few photos.  There’s a bunch more taken by mum.  Unfortunately, I have no idea where she put the camera, so this is going to be a two-part post.  This one is the short first part.

This particular building, my mum tells me, used to house the theatre costume shops.  When mum was a kid, she and her friends used to stand around looking into those windows (the ones behind the bars, below).  Sometimes the seamstresses would give them scraps of material for doll costumes and such.

It was a dreary day.

Twenty years ago, my late grandfather used to read lectures in this building.  Now it’s just a skeleton.

Insert some ‘two sides of one coin’ cheesy title here.  But it’s amazing, isn’t it?  How one side is well kept, and another one looks like it’s about to collapse?  Save for that shiny white balcony in there.  That one looks monumentally odd.

Such buildings is one of the main reasons I have so much trouble writing up regular posts for innermoldova.  It’s not for the lack of material or inspiration.  It’s because I seem to be incapable of writing something cheerful about the historical centre of Kishinev that isn’t entirely based on architecture and history books.  Reality, sadly, either looks like the photos above — or is mutilated into some odd semblance of modern buildings.  It seems that the birth of independence brought in death or total migration of the local school of conservation-restoration.

At the very least, most churches seem to be doing OK.

This is Saint Panteleimon’s Church.

It’s a comparatively old building, dating back to … 1891, I think.  Too lazy to go check my books.

I swear to God, when I first saw that sticker on the left, I thought it was one of those “we accept Visa &c” things.  SACRILEGE.  My mind is a blasphemous heathenish monster.

The picture quality is low, but I think the actual sticker informs us that the building is guarded by this or that security company.

When I was a teenager, I used to take violin lessons.  Very often before class and nearly always after I’d walk past this church to get home.  My class usually started way late in the afternoon, and since sometimes solfeggio, vocal, and even piano (I say ‘even piano’ because my prof was an early bird and preferred to have her classes in the morning hours.  Which is why as a teen I only had one day off during my week, if that.) classes were all aggregated in one day, I’d be heading home after dark during winter months.  And all these years ago ‘after dark’ sometimes meant ‘pitch dark’, because even central streets weren’t properly lighted.  And this church is eerie.  It really is!  So eerie in fact that it inspired me to write my old vampire epic.  Let me tell you, Twilight‘s got nothing on that masterpiece.  Too bad I never complete anything, so the story is forever stuck in its…  I think it’s a fourth revision/ draft.

Maybe when I’m 80, I’ll pick it up again and write Hindsight:  Vampires Ironically Reminisce Wild Nights of Eternal Yet Relative Youth.

Maybe not.


Hitchcock would be envious.

And this is the last shot from that day.  Spot the odd sideways icicles!

(This post was originally posted 6 April 2011 on my old and obscure blog.  Published here with minor revisions.)


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13 August 2012 at 6:02 pm

picplz archives.

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Picplz, a picture service I used on my Android, closed down recently.  Below are all the photos I managed to upload there over those several months that I used the service relatively actively.  They don’t seem to be in any chronological order, though, sorry.

(I love chronological order.)


This was for a blog post on one of my previous blogs.  It’s a touristy coin purse I bought in (yeah, you wouldn’t believe it) London, many, many years ago.


This is an edit of the picture above.  I am unsure why it saved so small.


Waiting for my cousin in McDonald’s, playing with … Intelligent Snake?  I used to own two as a kid, and I loved playing with them, though I’ve never learnt many figures.


One of my cats, Jolie.  She’s very communicable and eager.


Drinking tea on the balcony.  Enjoy the kitschy cup.


A boat I never boarded.  I worked that day.


Black and white makes this picture look entirely too dramatic.  ‘Twas a peaceful sunny day.  Too sunny.


Another cat o’ mine, Shumko.


That golden smudge in the middle, I think it’s the Sun.


Taken on the same day as the picture before it.  Mum was driving.


First days of autumn.  This was taken close to my university.


One of the rooms in a small hotel my parents own.


Decorative shelves in the restaurant.


River bank.


River bank, take two.


Chapel next to the church I visit most often.  It’s the country’s central cathedral.  I rarely go there for service, though, as it is so popular, one can’t breathe there even on a simple Sunday, let alone holidays.


I was very late for a very important class once, and one of the main roads in the city was closed for reparations.  I enjoyed my walk, though.


My mum and I stopped at Metro to buy some things.

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2 August 2012 at 8:16 pm