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Steam noir.

Favorite views and yards of 2012.

Saturday with friends; how warm and beautiful this whole thing is?

Thinking of quitting coffee?  Healthy coffee alternatives.

Pantone desserts.

Epiphany cake!  The Orthodox tradition doesn’t necessarily call for the cake (the Orthodox tradition really only calls for a version of sweet pastry/ cake during Easter); but if I have time, I want to make it this year.  I just need to gather round some trinkets.  I’m pretty sure I’ll have enough around the house…

Fun little trick with clementines, after M.F.K. Fisher.

Invite someone new over for dinner at least once a month.  This is a great resolution.  I’m not quite ready to adopt it as mine, though; maybe next year.

Do we really hate our boyfriends watching sport as much as we’re made out to?  I’ve never had a partner into sports, but I’ve a feeling I wouldn’t really give much of a damn if supposed partner preferred watching football for prolonged periods of time.  I mean, I prefer scrolling through tumblr.  We’d get even pretty quickly.

Best of Disney’s Splash Fountain.

Caffeine-free hot drinks: Five alternatives to coffee and tea.

The happiest animal in the world.  How cute is this?!

Beautiful photos of Northern Vietnam.

Tube turns 150.

Abandoned porn.  This is not about porn.

Time capsule mansion opened after 100 years.

The Blogess (from whom I lifted two previous links) shares autocorrect wonders.  I cried.

And now for some srs: The truth about being a gay 16-year-old at an all boys boarding school.


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