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i haven’t started a new blog in a while.

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It’s an odd feeling, to lose continuity in some way.  It’s also an odd feeling to start a new blog amidst such turbulence in my life.  I used to find solace in writing.  It was also a form of expression, of letting go.  These days, it’s very hard to do.

But I will try.

I’ve always wanted a blog that would encompass my many interests, but I could never really keep one up-to-date.  I realise now that it was mostly because a) my interests weren’t very interesting for me; b) my interests were interesting for me, but I never felt adequate enough to write about them; c) my interests mostly had the tendency to expand to theory only, and since this theory I picked up from other, more informative sites, there was no use to butchering and simplifying the information found elsewhere.

My situation shifted greatly.  I still have interests that sometimes pop up from the background of my mind and buzz a little.  But overall, my main interest (goal, point in life, calling, occupation, obedience) is my family.  I have no children, and I am not married or partnered, so when I say family, I mean: my mother, my brother, my father, my seven cats, my cousin.  It pains me to say that today is the 15th day from the date when I could no longer add my darling grandmother to this list.  She died 31 May 2012.  To say that I (we all) mourn is to say very little.

So this blog is about this.  Obviously I might stray away from topics of housekeeping (but not far — I’m a homemaker, unemployed), but I say 75% of content will be about striving to lead a simple life in turbulent times.

Also, God.  He is Great.

Maybe at times this blog will be mostly about God, to think of it.  Only, if there is a subject I feel inadequate to eloquently write about, then it is the subject of our Saviour.


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14 June 2012 at 5:51 pm

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on such a winter’s day.

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This is journal #6 of 2009.

I usually have a bunch of ridiculous little rules I set for myself, one of them being, “never use repurposed notebooks for day-to-day journal.”  I broke that silly self-imposed rule with this one.  I broke the hell out of it, actually, as it’s been repurposed two or three times before it even got the chance of becoming my daily journal.

Incidentally it turned out being one of my favourite journals of all time.  Of all time.

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22 December 2009 at 12:33 am

trying my best not to forget.

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Spent the bigger part of the last hour or so contemplating the best way to start this place.

Still have no idea, but here we go. (Sentences in this post became obsolete when I’ve merged my journalling blog with this one.)

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18 December 2009 at 12:24 am